The Way We Work Together
The Way We Work Together

Our employees base their actions and decisions on the ATS Core Values: Do What's Right, Our People Matter, Trust Through Teamwork, & Striving For Excellence. To develop better Human Relations WE BELIEVE in these principles:


Corporate Commitment – We believe the actions and policies of Alberta Traffic Supply (and its subsidiaries) recognize the employee’s importance to the organization and ensure all employees are treated fairly and with respect.


Mutual Acceptance – We believe that employees and management need to accept each other as individuals and need to respect each others function and responsibilities.


Common Goals – We believe that employees and management are bound together by common goals and that security and opportunity depend on success.


Open Communication – We believe that the sharing of ideas, information and feelings is essential as a means of expression and as the route to better understanding and sounder decisions.


Employee Participation – We believe that better results come about through seeking a balance of viewpoints and through mutual sharing and solving of problems by the people affected.


Employee Identity – We believe that the employee receives the greatest opportunities for recognition, pride, and job satisfaction through their work division.


Decisions – We believe that employees develop the most satisfactory solutions to problems affecting themselves when given the authority to solve such problems.


Integrity – We believe that the soundest basis for judging the “rightness” of an action is the test of its morality and its effect on the basic human rights.