Saskatchewan Traffic Services

The construction industry is constantly evolving and the solutions for today's infrastructure needs are becoming more elaborate and sophisticated.  Guardian Traffic Services recognizes this trend and has evolved its traffic service offerings to provide full-service traffic control, in addition to the latest and most effective traffic products outlined below:

Saskatchewan Traffic Equipment Rental

For clients who choose to set up work areas on their own, rental is an ideal option for shorter projects (less than six months) that do not require the expense of purchasing traffic equipment. Read more about our Saskatchewan rental service.


Saskatchewan Traffic Control Services

Clients find that there are definite cost-saving benefits when work area set-ups/take-downs and management of equipment needs are outsourced to our work area team. Read more about our traffic control services.


Saskatchewan Traffic Control Product Installation

This is a full-service solution where we not only source the required traffic products and/or signage for clients, but we also manage and coordinate the installation. Read more about our traffic control product installation services.


Saskatchewan Technical Services

Clients can have engineered traffic-accommodation plans drawn up for their projects in order to meet the latest code requirements outlined by government regulations. Read more about our technical services.